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Reports of the Brue Boys 2009 Concerts
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2nd West Pennard Concert

The Brue Boys performed their second West Pennard Concert
on Saturday 24th January 2009

Photographs from Brue Boy and West Pennard resident Howard Grottick

Old Time Music Hall in Baltonsborough Village Hall on Saturday 7th February

Text from a report by Colin McNamee for the parish newsletter

The Old Time Music Hall in Baltonsborough under the superlative and superabundant Master of Ceremonies, Mr Robert Henry Haldane Peto (call me Tubby!) ,and with the Brue Boys in melodious and harmonious form the evening was a success being thoroughly enjoyed by the capacity audience. The audience were perhaps a little slow to get off the ground but under Mr Peto’s titillating tutelage he coached their vocal and occasional rapturous responses helping them to shed their taciturnity. A well-selected programme of musical items from the Brue Boys ensured variety under the capable baton of Miss Jennifer Martin, beautifully turned out with the longest, by a mi le, hat ribbons of the evening.

MC Robert Peto

Conductor Jennifer Martin

Pianist Carolyn Young

The accomplished accompanist on piano for the evening was Miss Carolyn Young. After the interval, being stylishly and superbly attired, she entered the auditorium as a most convincing ‘Madam’, as the author can verify bf rom the stiletto heel mark in his thigh.

Conductor Jennifer Martin
resplendent in Edwardian costume

The Brue Boys with
multi-coloured waist coats
for the occasion
The pace was certainly there when Mr Grayson Pattemore having performed his captivating George Formby numbers on his little ukulele stylishly accompanied on the piano by Mr Kim Hyde, returned with some fast paced tongue twisters leaving some of the audience red faced. People practice perhaps purposefully for the next performance!
Miss Gail Cornish gave a moving rendition of some well known Miss Marie Lloyd numbers with the audience needing no encouragement to join in. It was observed that many knew the numbers by heart!
Grayson Pattemore
Gail Cornish
as Marie Lloyd
Mr Richard Grundy gave an energetic performance of ‘The Spaniard’ with many of the Brue Boys alternating with the audience front row to duck and dive to avoid decapitation by the flailing sword of the vigorous Mr Grundy.
The Brue Belles Can-Can was nicely and spiritedly done in the limited space and with highly colourful skirts and petticoats flouncing everywhere were a sight to behold. It was noticeable that many cameras were flashing at this time. The limited dancing space gave the impression of their being whirling dervishes ,doing a half decent job of imitating the Magic Roundabout in Swindon .


Well done, the encore calls were very well deserved, even though several Belles were gasping for the oxygen cylinder afterwards! (I’m told).

Photos of the Brue Belles and right being chased off by Brue Boys Constabulary prior to the singing of Gilbert and Sullivan's
Policeman's Song.

The rather nice touch of the resplendent waistcoated Brue Boys serving supper to the audience at the interval enabled some banter to be engaged and obliterated the school dinner approach of queuing for food. The nibbles on the tables were nicely presented and the meat pies alone were worth going for. Trust me on this!

The winners of the Edwardian Dress Awards went to a very nattily attired and moustachioed Mr Giles Livingstone for the gentlemen, Mrs Jackie Buckle for her opportunistic portrayal, complete with banner, of the Suffragette Movement and Miss Sophie Groom who looked delightful.

Good to see the village having fun.
E - G - B - D - F

Colin McNamee

Music Hall Rehearsals earlier in the day
Music Hall Photos from
Howard Grottick
and George Martin
Festival of the Voice ~ Stourhead Gardens
Saturday 9th May 2009

Butleigh Brue Boys John Mulliner, Graham Kirk and Tony Brown
The Brue Boys in full flow
conducted by Jennifer Martin
and accompanied on the new Brue Boys' piano by Carolyn Young

Announcer Robert Peto (seated)
with Mike and Carolyn Young

Jennifer Martin wrote this piece which appeared in the Baltonsborough Parish magazine :

The Brue Boys have just made their first foray outside the local area; on Saturday, 9th May we joined 35 other choirs to sing at Stourhead’s annual Festival of the Voice.

Dick and John rolled in the posts to support our posh new banner, Adrian and Howard carried in our new digital piano and the gazebo, Carolyn brought her l-o-n-g cards of music, I had my music stand and the Boys were all wearing their splendid new logo-ed shirts. We were ready to sing!

Our spot was in the Visitors’ Reception area, where, for two half-hour slots we sang our long-practised songs to a smiling audience as they sipped their coffee outside the restaurant. They seemed to like what we sang. It was heartening to see so many of our own groupies there too, who of course gave us lots of very vocal support.

After this we were able to wander about the grounds, picking up the strains of a different choir as we rounded each corner. Enchanting! It was a memorable experience and one which we definitely want to repeat next year.

With the Glastonbury Male Voice Choir as monks in St Dunstan's Pageant
Glastonbury Abbey, 4th July 2009


Friday 10th July
Woodlands Church
near Frome

Some Enchanted Evening
Picnic Concert in the grounds of Tilham Farm (where we practice in the adjacent Stalls) on 18th July 2009
Some Enchanted Evening
lived up to its billing as an overcast and wet day miraculously cleared to show off Robert and Peto's beautiful garden which provided a perfect venue for the summer concert. Tickets had been sold out for some time, and it has been agreed to sell more next time as there was still ample room on the two tiers of manicured lawns surrounded by stunning flower beds and trees.

Host Robert Peto was master of ceremonies, and The Brue Boys are most grateful to Robert and Sue for their hard work and generosity in making us so welcome at their lovely home.

As well as fourteen songs from the Brue Boys, with the theme song 'Some Enchanted Evening ' sung again with the audience as a finale, the Brue Boys were joined by several exceptional acts in between and before the concert started.
As we are the first course of our picnics Phil Jackson's saxophone, accompanied by Carolyn Young on the piano and harp set the melodic tone for the evening. Carolyn later played some beautiful tunes on her harp to provide a contrast to the Brue Boys' strident rendition of The Jolly Roger which finished their first set.

The Brue Boys' second set culminated in the popular Hippopotamus Song, and thankfully Tilham Farm lawns did not turn to mud during the evening. It was a privilege again to hear Chris Hunt's wonderful tenor voice, accompanied by Jennifer Martin on the piano.

After the interval The Brue Bells made their inaugural performance on their re-discovered hand bells. Their presentation (see below) was most professional and they are looking for others to join them in their new venture. Later we were treated to some stirring tunes from Jon Swayne and Jim Blackburn who played bagpipes and mandola so infectiously that there began an impromptu dance on the lawns by many!

Rounding off the evening, the Brue Boys performed the stirring Anthem from Chess, the Beatles 'When I'm Sixty Four' and with the audience completed the successful concert with Some Enchanted Evening.


Saturday 17th October

The Brue Boys contributed to a concert in Compton Dundon Village Hall
to raise funds for Save the Children

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