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Brue Boys' concert for Yeovil Rotary Club at East Coker on Friday 18th March 2022
Report and photos from David Hislop

The choir in action at East Coker

Our concert in East Coker on 18th March was held on behalf of the Rotary Club of Yeovil and in support of their charities. Happily Hilde Senior was able to accompany the choir. Bob Burns once again added to the fun in his role as compère.

Due to the close proximity to the last concert the programme led by Jennifer Westcott was similar. The song “Anthem” was dedicated to the people of Ukraine and our new songs were once again aired.

David Chambers added sensitivity to the solo part of Flying Free. Once again David Hislop took us back to the fifties and some of the more senior members of the audience could remember the words and joined in. In-House Folk Band “Hadoc” provided six numbers including “Fields of Athenry” added in honour of St. Patrick’s Day.

The evening concluded with a collection in support of Ukraine.


Photos above show, left, the folk group Hadoc comprising David Hislop, Nick Llewellyn and Roger White and right David Hislop performing his solo slot

Brue Boys make a successful return to Kingsdon on 5th March 2022
Report and photos from David Hislop

Conductor Jennifer Westcott conducting the Brue Boys at their Kingsdon concert accompanied by her son Jeremy Martin far right.

The run up to our first concert in 2 years was fraught with problems. Hilde Senior our regular accompanist had to leave for Germany at short notice due to a family bereavement. Then our stand-in accompanist Helen Forsey went down with covid only days before the event. This was followed by our guest flautist Jean Heal having to pull out due to illness.

Regardless of the problems, the concert in Kingsdon Village Hall was a success and demonstrated The Boys’ love of singing aided by an enthusiastic audience. Jeremy Martin kindly stood in at the last minute as accompanist and despite having only seen the music a couple of days before, he demonstrated tremendous skill and sensitivity throughout the concert.

Bob Burns took on the role of compère and led us through the show in his relaxed manner.

Our programme of 15 pieces started with the regular “Brue Boys Song” followed by “Anthem” from the musical Chess which we dedicated to the brave people of Ukraine in their time of terrible suffering. The fun song “I’m Gonna Sing” gave the audience an opportunity to sing along. William Salmon added his beautiful tenor voice to the solo part of Don Besig’s song Flying Free.

We sang two completely new pieces for the choir: Douglas Coombes’ arrangement of Elgar’s “Where Corals Lie” and the rollicking “76 Trombones” from the musical The Music Man.

Due to the absence of the flute solo the other solo sections had to be rearranged. David Hislop took us back on a nostalgic musical trip to the 1950’s with John Williamson’s “Do You want To Boogie With Me Baby?” and Marty Wilde’s “Why Must I Be A Teenager In Love?” Roger White provided two amusing monologues from Roald Dahl and Richard Stilgoe and the choir’s in-house Folk Group “Hadoc” comprising Roger White, Nick Llewellyn and David Hislop sang 4 songs including “Fiddler’s Green” and “Whip Jamboree.”

A good evening for both the choir and the audience concluded with a request for an encore for which we performed the Welsh hymn ”Rhys”.

The folk group Hadoc performing
Left to right: David Hislop, Roger White and Nick Llewellyn

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