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The Brue Boys performing in front of 10,000 people at the 2019 Glastonbury Extravaganza

The Brue Boys Choir for Men

was formed in January 2007

Our aims ~

First and foremost .... to make music

Secondly .... to benefit our community

by providing entertainment and by raising money to support good causes

And finally .... to benefit the members

through companionship and the sense of well being
that comes from singing and helping others

The Brue Boys

A choir for men who want to sing!

Why the Brue Boys?

Because the River Brue winds its way through the
villages and towns where the Brue Boys live



or both?

From The Central Somerset Gazette
of 1st February 2007 ....
Discover the love of singing
Several men from the Mendips are having fun and increasing their love hormones at the same time - and it is all in the name of singing. A male singing group has just been started by Baltonsborough conductor Jennifer Martin and it already has 20 members from 25 to 80 years old from Baltonsborough and surrounding villages.
Novice singer John Moody said " Singing is one of the last things I would be doing this year but I read recently that it is good for your well-being and increases your love hormones so I decided to join."
Estate agent Paul Knight said: "I've not sung since I was at school but I'm from Wales and we all think we can sing so I decided to come along and it's lots of fun."
Conductor Jennifer Martin (nopw Westcott) agreed: "Men's voices always sound lovely and I think the group makes a very heartwarming sound when they sing together: Any men in the area who fancy a go at singing are welcome to join us, whether they are complete beginners or have some experience. "We have a fantastic space to rehearse in The Stalls, Tilham Farm, Tilham Lane in Baltonsborough. We have no membership fee, but charge £1 a night to cover premises costs.
Early Practice at The Stalls Tilham Farm

From strength to strength

The Brue Boys continues to attract new members, and others are welcome to come along just to see if they enjoy the atmosphere, even if they're not sure beforehand whether they are top tenor, tenor, baritone or bass.

Four concerts were completed in the choir's first year and it is hoped many people will be able to attend future concerts

Many of the boys meet up for drink after rehearsals at The Greyhound in Baltonsborough, and we hold an annual dinner, now always with an after-dinner cabaret.

Interested in joining us? Check out our Joining Us page for details.

The Stalls laid out for the May 2007 Concert

By 2012 we have over 40 members
with over 30 singing
in a concert at Yeovil College shown left.


By 2014 we achieved Jennifer's ambition
of having 50 active members,
and on 17th May she became Jennifer Westcott
following marriage to tenor John Westcott.
Numbers have been close to this since.

The photo right shows Jennifer conducting the Brue Boys
at the Royal Bath and West Show on 31st May 2014.

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