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2012 Annual Dinner at Castle Cary Rugby Club
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The Brue Boys held their fifth annual dinner at Castle Cary Rugby Club on Friday 9th March 2011 organised this year by Andrew Look.

During dinner we composed words starting with 'Brue Boys, Brue Boys, sing a song for me' ready to sing to the tune of Ba Ba Black Sheep. This provided one of the highlights of another
eclectic cabaret, see report at the bottom of this page.

Photos from Jennifer Martin show :
Right : Jennifer and George Martin
Below: The Boys and their girls at dinner

Pictures of the Brue Boys
and their guests
at the 2012 Annual Dinner
held at Castle Cary Rugby Club
on 9th March

The after dinner cabaret was hosted by Richard Grundy who sang the Irish song 'Moonshiner' , but unfortunately the Boys knew a different tune for the chorus!   Grayson Pattemore delighted us with a story about a pigeon; Jennifer , Dick Warman, and Gail sang 'Dashing Away with the Smoothing Iron' accompanied by Carolyn; Roger White & Nick Llewellyn got everyone joining in with the traditional ' Sweet Nightingale' and David Chambers who sang the entertaining ' And her mother came too' accompanied by Jennifer.

There followed the first performance of a Brue Boys Band, which we called The Jackson Five as it was led by saxophonist Phil Jackson with Carolyn Young on piano, Mike Young on drums, John Gilroy on bass and Gail Cornish who sang two jazzy numbers including 'Birdland' and 'Misty'

 Finally Grayson Pattemore teamed up with Tim Hare for a hilarious version of ' My brother Celeste' followed by himself on ukulele singing 'I'll see you in my dreams' to round off a memorable evening.

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