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2013 Annual Dinner at Castle Cary Rugby Club
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The Brue Boys
held their sixth annual dinner
at Castle Cary Rugby Club
on Friday 22nd March 2011
organised again by Andrew Look.

Photographs from Peter Millar

Our resident jazz band of
Carolyn (piano) and Mike (drums) Young
saxophonist Phil Jackson, guitarist John Gilroy
and vocalist Gail Cornish
The Young Jackson Five
who played at the beginning
and end of the evening


Pictures of the Brue Boys
and their guests
at the 2013 Annual Dinner
held at Castle Cary Rugby Club
on 22nd March

The Cabaret

Grayson Pattemore singing
the Tom Lehrer's
Periodical Song

John Studley treated us to
his interpretation of
'I Dream a Dream'

Ian Poynter, Tony Brown and Ian Tucker with a modern witty update of the famous sketch performed by John Cleese, Ronnie Barker, and Ronnie Corbett in the 1960's.



Perhaps the most memorable cabaret act
was when Grayson Pattemore
treated us to a live BBC Radio Noddy children's programme.

The sound effects as Noddy and his friend 'Gordon' (alias Gordons)
and an increasingly inebriated Grayson
had us all in tears
and if the piece had been filmed
it would have been an instant hit on UTube!



Roger White
accompanied by Nick Llewellyn
and guest Alan Moody
sang'Have to Got a Light Boy'
and the 'Fields of Athenry.'


'Come into the Garden Maud'
may have seemed to be a straight song
by David Chambers
but soon Maud (Tim Hare)
a wonderfully inept gardener
(Grayson Pattemore)
with further havoc
created by Martin Day
changed all that!

Ian Poynter's Lieder Song with Carolyn
MC O'Grundy who rounded
the cabaret off with McNamara's Band
Ian presents Jennifer with flowers
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