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2014 Annual Dinner at Long Sutton Golf Club
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The Brue Boys
held their seventh annual dinner
at Long Sutton Golf Club
on Friday 28th February 2014
organised again in immaculate style
by Andrew Look.

Photographs from Jennifer Martin

There was a record attendance of 76 Brue Boys, partners and guests at the dinner.

During dinner each table composed a new version of 'I'm Getting Married in the Morning' to sing to John and Jennifer (photo above centre) and present them with a card with the lyrics in a competition inspired by their forthcoming wedding on May 17th this year.

The winner of the competition was Table 8
and we reproduce their cover design shown left.

The first verse of their song was:

They're getting married in the spring time
Doh re the Boys are going to chime
church bells are ringing, Brue Boys are singing
Assuming they all keep in time

Unfortunately verses 2 and 4 were censored!

Well done to Chris and Sue, Ian and Caroline,
Sue and Anthony, Marion and William, David and Tracy

More cards and verses below

The MJ Jazz Band
played while coffee was served
and many danced the final number
'Rock Around the Clock'

Shown right are Carolyn Young on piano, Brue Boys: Saxophonist Phil Jackson, Guitarist John Gilroy and drummer Mike Young.

The Brue Boys' first dinner
was also held at Long Sutton Golf Club
in February 2008

Now the choir has risen to 50 members
we will need a large venue like this
again to accommodate everyone

The Cabaret proceeded with MC Richard singing the song 'Botany Bay', followed by each table delivering their rendition of 'I'm getting Married in the Morning'.

Then our resident folk group of
Roger White, Nick Llewellyn,
Micky Little and Trevor Ryder

sang two contrasting songs
after which
William Salmon
and Gail Cornish
(who was also vocalist for the MJ Jazz Band) sang the spirited 'Laird of Cockpen'
in appropriate style and dress
(as can be seen in the photos either side).

Bass Neil Meek treated us to his very own version of Gershwin's 'Summertime' (Zimmertime!) and he was joined by tenor John Studley to sing a rousing sea song.

Grayson Pattemore again starred with another of his many guises, tonight tackling the magic and mayhem of Tommy Cooper, and bring the house down!

The evening's finale was possibly a foretaste of things to come
as John and Jennifer performed an inimitable version of 'Oh No John'
before presenting a prize to the winners of the competition
to compose a tongue in cheek song in honour of their forthcoming marriage.


Two more card covers
from the competition

.... and below a randomly chosen verse
that we can publish!

We're getting married at St Dunstan's
The Brue Boys are singing in the choir
If the bells are ringing
It'll drown out their singing
Shame the Wurzels weren't for hire

The choir has moved on a lot since our first dinner at Long Sutton Golf Club and this occasion
left us all in good heart and looking forward to more happy times together.

Published by The Brue Boys Choir for Men Copyright © 2014 and all Rights Reserved.