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2015 Annual Dinner at Long Sutton Golf Club
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A record attendance gathered for the Brue Boys' eighth annual dinner at the start of our 9th year of singing
at Long Sutton Golf Club. Organised by tenor Andrew Look, the dinner once again was a great success,
with a three course meal and coffee followed by entertainment.
Photos from Malcolm Allen and Robert Peto.
Scenes during dinner
Good craic abounded

Left: Each table composed a new version of the
Brue Boys' song to sing

After dinner there was dancing to our own jazz band:
Monday Jazz Band Six (MJB6)

Singing a new version of the Brue Boys' Song

Carolyn Young accompanied the Brue Boys' Song challenge
and is stepping down after more than eight years wonderful service to the choir. She was presented with a gift by Robert Peto on behalf of the choir and is seen here, right, playing the piano, and above thanking everybody.
Hilde Senior will take over as accompanist.

The cabaret featured:
The Quarrymen (above) who all come from Keinton Mandeville and sang a new song 'Home of Blue Lias';

Grayson Pattemore right) entertained us with two songs,
Joyce the Librarian, with Hilde Senior at the piano
and La Mer with Roger White,
also performing a hilarious sketch with Tim Hare (above right).

David Hislop (below) sang 'Singing the Blues'
and Trevor Ryder sang the Tom Lehrer Song
'Poisoning Pigeons in the Park' as well as leading the shanty
'South Australia, when singing with the 'Village Folk' in the finale which started with the Irish song 'Black Velvet Band'
and ended with the 'Mingulay Boat Song.'

A good time was had by all.

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