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2018 Annual Dinner on Friday 23rd February
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The 11th Brue Boys Annual Dinner was again organised by Andrew Look at Long Sutton Golf Club. MC for the evening was Vyv Simson and the cabaret was organised by Geoff Gingell. The photos below from Malcolm Allen show those present during the three course dinner and the group cabaret acts.

The Cabaret

There were nine cabaret acts, starting with tenor Trevor Ryder who accompanied himself on ukulele as he sang ‘I’m hid behind me folder in the back row of the choir’ to the tune of George Formby’s ‘Leaning on a Lamppost’. Many boys empathised with the words as they remembered their first concert performances no doubt.

Bass Neil Meek, well known for his ability to nail the very lowest notes in our repertoire, sang ‘Ol' Man River’ from the musical Showboat which allowed him to demonstrate the full range of his wonderful deep-toned voice.

Tim Hare followed with a wonderful monologue which followed a young northern lad listening to The Messiah for the first time and putting a literal meaning to familiar parts as he attempted to explain what he heard to his young pal. Reminiscent of Bob Newhart’s style in a British context. Marvellous fun.

David Hislop gave us two upbeat rock numbers, starting with Rod Stewart’s ‘I don’t wanna talk about it’ and finishing on familiar Elvis territory with a Rock and Roll Medley from The King himself.

John Longman sang a lyrical version of the Beatles‘Long and Winding Road’, which was followed by The Doughboys (David Marshall, Fraser Davidson, Ian Tucker and Richard Grundy) singing ‘Honey Bun’ from the American musical South Pacific. Honey Bun herself, aka Neil Meek, again gave him another chance (briefly) to sing the low notes in a great cameo show (see photo below).

Hilde Senior kindly accompanied these two acts, and the one that followed, on the piano. Hilde had also welcomed and generously entertained members of these acts at her lovely home in Butleigh again this year. Bravo Hilde!

Ian Poynter entertained us with the bluesy Louis Jordan song ‘Is you is or is you ain’t my baby, after which Roger White, accompanied by Nick Llewellyn on guitar sang 'Early one Evening', a joke song, to the the tune of 'Early One Morning'.

Finally, The Quarrymen, including MC Vyv Simson, who wrote the words, and cabaret organiser Geoff Gingell, together with Paul Hamlet and Ian Poynter, who sang a novel version of the choir's signature song, tonight called ‘There’s Something Else About the Brue Boys’ to the tune of Abba’s ‘Waterloo’. This allowed Vyv to finish off the night as he started it on a tongue-in-cheek parody of the choir and those involved in it which added much spice to an enjoyable evening.

The Doughboys with Neil Meek as 'Honey Bun'
The Quarrymen with ‘There’s Something About the Brue Boys’
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