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2019 Annual Dinner on Friday 8th March
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Another successful Annual Dinner, our 12th, was again organised by Andrew Look at Long Sutton Golf Club.
MC for the evening was Vyv Simson and the cabaret was organised by Geoff Gingell.
Photos from Jennifer Westcott.

Left Organiser Andrew Look at the head of the table
with his wife Sally alongside, and Grayson Pattemore right.
It is wonderful to have Grayson back in the choir (at least for a few months) to give him a forum in Le Cabaret. We think he will also provide at the cabaret form in the April Ditcheat Concert.

Right: MC Vyv Simson provided an even-handed character assassination for everybody he introduced, so can't be accused of favouritism. His wicked wit throughout the evening ensured the dinner was highly entertaining.
Alongside Vyv is his wife Belinda, then David Hislop who again gave us an Elvis number (tonight: 'Loving You') and also San Francisco Bay Blues. Beyond David is his wife Jennifer.

Jennifer Westcott is not pictured, but put all us boys
in our place with a wonderfully witty “Advice from a seasoned choir member to a new Boy on how to behave in choir practice”, that captured our indiscretions perfectly.
'Must try harder' springs to mind!


Two of the trio who sang about 'Man Flu' (Dick Warman and John Mulliner) are in the centre photo, but they dressed down (and out?) for their act.
Dick also sang a ' Just Jolson' Medley with Trevor Ryder.
The third, Geoff Gingell is pictured below.

The opening cabaret act was the familiar quartet of David Marshall, Ian Tucker, Fraser Davidson and Richard Grundy, seen in the two photos above right. Tonight they were 'The Bards' and performed 'Brush Up Your Shakespeare' from Cole Porter's Kiss Me Kate, accompanied in style by Hilde Senior who had also generously hosted rehearsals in her Butleigh 'Tower' home.
Hilde Senior smile at us in the centre photo and she again accompanied several cabaret songs.
To Hilde's right is Nick Llewellyn, who, with Richard Loughlin accompanied Roger White for the cabaret finale 'The Enigma of the Look Manoeuvre'
David Allison, seen in the right photo with a wonderful tie, accompanied himself on the guitar to sing 'Bright Eyes' He will have been touched by Vyv's kind introduction (sic)!
Left: At the head of the table is Trevor Ryder, who, unable tonight to play on of his numerous instruments,joined the group 'The Brue Brothers' with David Hislop (far left) to sing 'The Ballad of the Brue Boys'. Trevor also sang a ' Just Jolson' Medley with Dick Warman.
Centre: Also in The Brue Brothers were Paul Hamlet, front, and Geoff Gingell (right back), who organised the cabaret.
More boys and their ladies enjoying the annual dinner.
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