News of the Brue Boys - Last updated on 12th September 2019
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News update
Regular Monday practices resumed after the summer break on Monday 9th September. The next concert is in St Mary's Church, East Chinnock, on Saturday 19th October at 7.30pm, and a final 2019 concert will be in Doulting Village Hall on Saturday 23rd November - see the Next Concerts page for more details. On 9th December Dr Douglas Coombes will lead a choir workshop and the final short reherasal of 2019 on Monday 16th December will be followed by traditional Christmas refreshments.

Members can use the part recordings on the Practice Parts Page to brush up their performances and a complete list of our repertoire is on the Our Music page to get an idea of the wide variety of songs we sing.

Glastonbury Extravaganza
Our final summer performance was the honour of opening the Glastonbury Abbey Extravaganza on Saturday 3rd August in front of a sell-out audience of 10,000 followed by popular bands The Lighthouse Family and The Specials.
See: Extravaganza 2019 and 2019 Extravaganza Extra pages for more.
In preparation we invited people to attend our concert-style final rehearsal for this special event in Butleigh Church on Thursday 1st August. We were delighted that a crowd of nearly 100 turned up to fill the Church and help us prepare for our big day the following Saturday.

Recent Concerts
See the 2019 Concerts Page for reports and photos of the latest Brue Boys appearances at Easton, Somerset Rural Life Museum and Street's Crispin Hall.

12th Annual Dinner
Another successful dinner was held at Long Sutton Golf Club on Friday 8th March. See the 2019 Dinner Page for photos and a report.
Skittles at the Rose and Portcullis Inn on Friday 10th May
A group of Brue Boys formed a team to take part in a Yeovil Rotary Club Skittle Marathon which raised over £4000 in aid of Children's Hospice South-West,
of which the Brue Boys team raised over £230.

Photos from Jennifer Westcott show:
Left - Vyv Simson ready to bowl;
Above -Wives Jackie Llewellyn, Vanessa Loughlin and Hazel Warman
enjoying the evening;
Right - Brian Pavey grasping the skittle before his turn.

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