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2017 10th Anniversary Dinner
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News of the Brue Boys in 2017
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News Update

The Brue Boys performed at another Butleigh Revue on Saturday 11th November when £850 was raised for St Leonard's Church funds. The Brue Boys performed the Canonic Epitaph to open the Armistice Day concert and also sang Shenandoah for the first time. For other reports of 2017 concerts see: the 2017 Concerts page for a report and photo.

End of Term Report
We completed our summer session on Monday 17th July when we welcomed potential new members to a song session and ended the year with refreshments as we reflected on our successful 10th year.
The final concert of the 2016/2017 season took place on Friday 30th June at the Tacchi Morris Arts Centre, Taunton in aid of STAR/Promise Works. See 2017 Concert Reports for more.

See and hear the Brue Boys in concert at Wells Town Hall:
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Aberystwyth ~ Bring Him Home ~ Amen ~ Mingulay ~ Sunset Poem ~ Portrait of my love

Three Towers Music Festival Concert

The Brue Boys gave a concert in Farmborough Church as part of the Three Towers Music Festival on 29th April 2017 - see the 2017 Concerts Page for more.

Avalon School Performance: Report from Malcolm Allen
15 Brue Boys along with Jennifer Westcott on baton and Hilde Senior on keys, gave a 25 minute performance at Avalon School on Wednesday 22nd March. The children really enjoyed our rendition of 'Jack's the Lad' and 'Do you hear the People sing'.They also joined in with 'I'm gonna sing' and 'The Orchestra'.Lot's of clapping along and jigging to the rhythms. It was great to get some audience feedback after,when the children were invited to say what they thought of the show-All highly positive! Well done everyone involved!
The visit follows up one made in November 2016 when the choir gave £300 to the school - see 2016 News for details.

Charity Update from Treasurer Roger White on 30th March:
The concerts we have performed in have raised £29,489 for charitable causes and in addition we have donated £4,230 mostly to schools to promote musical activities, making a total of £33,719.

First 2017 Concert
We sang in Mudford Village Hall on Saturday 11th March
- see the 2017 Concerts Page for more.

10th Anniversary Dinner
A most successful dinner to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the first Brue Boys rehearsal in January 2007 was held at Long Sutton Golf Club on Saturday 14th January 2017.

See 2017 10th Anniversary Dinner
and People @ 2017 10th Anniversary Dinner for more.

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