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2019 Concerts

Crispin Hall, Street at 7pm on Wednesday 8th May
The Brue Boys perform first, followed by The Avalonian State Choir and acts from Strode College

Somerset Rural Life Museum - afternoon of 18th May

Easton Village Hall at 7.30pm
on Saturday 8th June

Saturday 3rd August
to be announced later

St Mary's Church, East Chinnock on Saturday 19th October at 7.30pm

St Barnabas Church, Queen Camel on Saturday 16th November at 7.30pm

Organising an event? Hoping to raise money for your organisation or for charity?

Looking for a choir to sing a varied repertoire of songs for all to enjoy?

The choir is keen to extend our range of concert venues.

We exist to enjoy singing and we all pay our own travel costs, but we charge a basic fee to contribute to the considerable cost of our music. We also aim to support local charities and especially school music.

So contact Jennifer Westcott for further details? Email :

Enquiries should be made as early as possible as we have a busy concert schedule.

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