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1st Tenor
2nd Tenor
76 Trombones
76 1st T Tenor
76 T 2nd Tenor
76 T Baritone
76 T Bass
Alexander's Band
Alex 1st Tenor
Alex 2nd Tenor
Alex Baritone
Alex Bass
Amen 1st Tenor
Amen 2nd Tenor
Amen Baritone
Amen Bass
Beauty is Her Name
Beauty-is-Her-Name - link to publisher's website with parts and full song recordings
Beauty 1st Tenor
Beauty 2nd Tenor
Beauty Baritone
Beauty Bass
Blue Suede Shoes
BS Shoes Tenor
BS Shoes Baritone
BS Shoes Bass
Bobby Shafto
Bobby 1st Tenor
Bobby 2nd Tenor
Bobby Baritone
Bobby Bass
Bridge over
Troubled Water
Bridge 1st Tenor
Bridge 2nd Tenor
Bridge Baritone
Bridge Bass
Canonic Epitaph
CE 1st Tenor
CE 2nd Tenor
CE Baritone
CE Bass
Caro Mio Ben
Caro 1st Tenor
Caro 2nd Tenor
Caro Baritone
Caro Bass
Carrick 1st Tenor
Carrick 2nd Tenor
Carrick Baritone
Carrickfergus Bass
Come to the Fair
Fair 1st Tenor
Fair 2nd Tenor
Fair Baritone
Fair Bass
Do You Hear
Do You Hear Tenor
Do You Hear Baritone & Bass
Ebenezer 1st Tenor
Ebenezer 2nd Tenor
Ebenezer Baritone
Ebenezer Bass
Anchor's Weighed
AW 1st Tenor
AW 2nd Tenor
AW Baritone
AW Bass
Saucy Arethusa
SA 1st Tenor
SA 2nd Tenor
SA Baritone
SA Bass
Tom Bowling
TB 1st Tenor
TB 2nd Tenor
TB Baritone
TB Bass
Jacks' the Lad
Jack 1st Tenor
Jack 2nd Tenor
Jack Baritone
Jack Bass
Spanish Ladies
SL 1st Tenor
SL 2nd Tenor
SL Baritone
SL Bass
Home Sweet Home
Home 1st Tenor
Home 2nd Tenor
Home Baritone
Home Bass
Conquering Hero
CH 1st Tenor
CH 2nd Tenor
CH Baritone
CH Bass
Rule Britannia
RB 1st Tenor
RB 2nd Tenor
RB Baritone
RB Bass
Flying Free
FF Solo
FF 1st Tenor
FF 2nd Tenor
FF Baritone
FF Bass
Ghost Riders
GR 1st Tenor
GR 2nd Tenor
GR Baritone
GR Bass
Gonna Rise Up
GRU 1st Tenor
GRU 2nd Tenor
GRU Baritone
GRU Bass
Hello Dolly
Dolly 1st Tenor
Dolly 2nd Tenor
Dolly Baritone
Dolly Bass
I Believe
I Believe 1st Tenor
I Believe 2nd Tenor
I Believe Baritone
I Believe Bass
Jolly Roger
Jolly Roger 1st Tenor
Jolly Roger 2nd Tenor
Jolly Roger Baritone New
Jolly Roger Bass
Kalinka 1st Tenor
Kalinka 2nd Tenor
Kalinka Baritone
Kalinka Bass
Let It Be Me
LIBM 1st Tenor
LIBM 2nd Tenor
LIBM Baritone
Magnificent Men
MM 1st Tenor
MM 2nd Tenor
MM Baritone
MM Bass
Michelle 1st Tenor
Michelle 2nd Tenor
Michelle Baritone
Michelle Bass
Oklahoma Medley
Beautiful Morning
BM Tenor 1
BM Tenor 2
BM Baritone
BM Bass
Surrey Tenor 1
Surrey Tenor 2
Surrey Baritone
Surrey Bass
People Will Say
People Tenor 1
People Tenor 2
People Baritone
People Bass
Oklahoma Tenor 1
Oklahoma Tenor 2
Oklahoma Baritone
Oklahoma Bass
O Sally My Dear
Sally Tenor
Sally Baritone
Sally Bass
Out of My Dreams
Dreams 1st Tenor
Dreams 2nd Tenor
Dreams Baritone
Dreams Bass
Past 3 O Clock
Past 3 Tenor 1
Past 3 Tenor 2
Past 3 Baritone
Past 3 Bass
Pilgrims' Chorus
PS 1st Tenor
PS 2nd Tenor
PS Baritone
PS Bass
All parts together
PC Notes refer to differences between recordings and our music
Page 3
note on ‘heart’   

Page 3
last note on top line

Page 3 bars 4,5
and page 4 bar 2,
note on ‘heaven’
Page 1,
notes on  ‘lovely’
Portrait of my Love
Portrait 1st Tenor
Portrait 2nd Tenor
Portrait Baritone
Portrait Bass
Raindrops 1st Tenor
Raindrops 2nd Tenor
Raindrops Baritone
Raindrops Bass
Rhys 1st Tenor
Rhys 2nd Tenor
Rhys Baritone
Rhys Bass
Rhythm of Life
RL 1st Tenor
RL 2nd Tenor
RL Baritone
RL Bass
Sailing 1st Tenor
Sailing 2nd Tenor
Sailing Baritone
Sailing Bass
Senzenina Bass
She 1st Tenor
She 2nd Tenor
She Baritone
She Bass
Silver Trumpet
Trumpet 1st Tenor
Trumpet 2nd Tenor
Trumpet Baritone
Trumpet Bass
Skye Boat Song
Syke 1st Tenor
Skye 2nd Tenor
Skye Baritone
Skye Bass
Sloop John B
Sloop 1st Tenor
Sloop 2nd Tenor
Sloop Baritone
Sloop Bass
Sound of Silence
SS 1st Tenor
SS 2nd Tenor
SS Baritone
SS Bass
Sum 1st Tenor
Sum 2nd Tenor
Sum Baritone
Sum Bass
Sunset Poem
Sweet Lass
of Richmond Hill
Sweet Lass 1st Tenor
Sweet Lass 2nd Tenor
Sweet Lass Baritone
Sweet Lass Bass
The Rose
Rose 1st Tenor
To Where You Are
TW 1st Tenor
TW 2nd Tenor
TW Baritone
TW Bass
Trolley Song
Trolley 1st Tenor
Trolley 2nd Tenor
Trolley Baritone
Trolley Bass
Uptown Girl
Uptown Solo

Updown 1st Tenor

Uptown 2nd Tenor
Uptown Baritone
Uptown Bass
Waltzing Matilda
WM 1st Tenor
WM 2nd Tenor
WM Baritone
WM Bass
Wonderful World
W World 1st Tenor
W World 2nd Tenor
W World Baritone
W World Bass
When the Saints
Saints 1st Tenor
Saints 2nd Tenor
Saints Baritone
Saints Bass
Where Corals Lie Corals TTBB
Corals 1st Tenor
Corals 2nd Tenor
Corals Baritone
Corals Bass
Wild Rover
Wild Rover Tenor
Wild Rover Baritone
Wild Rover Bass
Wonder of You
Wonder 1st Tenor
Wonder 2nd Tenor
Wonder Baritone
Wonder Bass
Yesterday 1st Tenor
Yesterday 2nd Tenor
Yesterday Baritone
Yesterday Bass
Yfory 1st Tenor
Yfory 2nd Tenor
Yfory Baritone
Yfory Bass
You Are the New Day
New Day 1st Tenor
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