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Practices are held every Monday
(except for holiday breaks including all of August)
at 7.15 for 7.30 pm until 9.15 pm

(and afterwards in The Greyhound if you want)
First Meeting
With great trepidation I waited on 15th January in The Stalls
to see how many (if any) men would turn up for the first practice....
.....My trepidation turned to delight when I saw not five, not ten, but seventeen men venture in.
They came not only from Baltonsborough, but Butleigh, West Pennard and even Glastonbury.
Their ages varied from 25 to 80 and their singing experience from considerable to very little,
but everyone sang with great verve

songs like
'There’s something about a soldier', 'If you were the only girl in the world' and 'There’s nothing like a dame'.
It was a loud, confident sound and reverberated richly around the hall.

We were off!
Jennifer Martin describing the first practice in January 2007
Brue Boys pay £50 a year membership, payable in September
Those joining later in the year pay pro-rata and can just try us out first before committing.
We are so lucky
to have the
of The Stalls
Tilham Farm to practise in
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